Your wedding day is as unique as you, and I love capturing a couple’s unique love for each other on their wedding day. I have been photographing weddings as Camilla Victoria Photography for over four years now, as well as photographing weddings as a second photographer under many of my colleagues.

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking for a wedding photographer, and this isn’t the first nor the last page you’ll visit and you’re wondering to yourself how you’re going to choose who to go with. I highly recommend that once you narrow down the top two to three photographers, that you make time to meet with each of them – as talented as photographers can be, we also have personalities, and sometimes, for no reason in particular you may just clash with someone or something doesn’t feel right – this is okay, we’re human, but you want to find that out before you put your money down. Some of the benefits of choosing Camilla Victoria Photography for your wedding day are listed below the pricing.


Benefits of booking Camilla Victoria Photography for your wedding day:

Your photos are more relaxed – You will meet with me on at least 3 occasions so that you get to know me and you are comfortable in front of the camera, giving you the best photos.

You can customise your package – Your wedding doesn’t fit in a box? No problems, get in touch and let me custom create a package that is as individual as you.

You can split your payments – Weddings are expensive, so if you can pay your wedding off with zero interest payable, why wouldn’t you?

You may want an heirloom album – Camilla Victoria Photography offers heirloom, handcrafted wedding albums, framed wall art, canvases and whatever else you might want with the photographs from your wedding.


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